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Leanne's Eyebrow

Perfecting eyebrows is an art. Leanne's Eyebrow customizes the shape and color of the brows based on the customer's skin complexion, hair and eye color. The Natural Definition (ND) technique and tailor-made coloration deliver naturally and fabulously full eyebrows that always leave you more beautiful and confident.

Say goodbye to eyeliners that always smudge. Leanne's Eyeliner carefully and correctly draws  vivid and precise line on the water line of the eyes to create depth and emphasize to attract attention.

Healthy-looking, luscious lips exude youthfulness. Leanne's Lips defines, shapes and restore a natural and brighter color to the most sensual part of the body, leaving the pout naturally plumper, more defined and kissable.

Leanne's Eyebrow

Leen Glow treatment works together with Leanne’s unique painless technique that combines active micro-molecular essence and released into the skin’s dermis level where it is absorbed. The optimal results can last for up to 6-8 months.

Leanne's Eyebrow


Leanne’s is one of the most established eyebrow institutions, with its highly trained certified artists, we are the most trusted eyebrow experts providing the strictest standards in hygiene and using only certified safe products from Germany. Moreover, Leanne’s signature eyebrow is based on the principles of artistry, skill, technology and passion.  Thus, our professional skilled artists will analyze the face shape, the eyes and the hair color in order to customized and to create the most natural looking brows that will give our client’s the confidence even without makeup day and night.



The perfect brows get you noticed and gives you confidence. Because eyebrows illustrate your unique individual charm, it enhances your assets and defines who you are.
With many years of experience, Leanne's reputation as one of the most established eyebrow experts who has devoted its expertise and passion to create striking arches and instant beauty. Leanne's continues to fulfill beauty aspirations with the pursuit of perfection through the highest standards of quality and artistry. Every eyebrow design aims to bring out unique charm in modern women who exude confidence, edgy attitude and unrestrained glamor.