Leanne’s Brows

Eyebrow Design and Instant Eyebrow Makeup Service

Our eyebrows expert’s goal is to give a natural look that compliments your features. Have you ever seen someone get an eyebrow tattoo and it’s so noticeable and dramatic? We don’t want this to happen. We design eyebrows to accomplish your unique face shape.Our powdery stroke Technique to give you a natural-looking set of brows. The desired shape was drawn on with a pencil so you could test-drive the look. People can’t notice what you’ve done! Except that you let them in on the beauty secret!

Eyebrows Trimming 20 min
Eyebrows Wax 30 min
Eyebrow Design 30 min
Eyebrow Design and Instant Eyebrow Makeup Service 90 min / 3 session
Instant Eyebrow Makeup Touch up Service 90 min / 2 session