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Beyond its uncompromising commitment to high standards and great artistry, Leanne’s accents its key elements of ArtScienceSkill. To achieve the most natural and beautiful eyebrows shape, color and style, Leanne’s employs the approach of 1MM Precision together with the Science of Colour Temper and Leanne’s signature Natural Definition (ND) technique.

As eyebrows occupy a very small portion of the face, precision is the key. In creating the perfect brows with symmetrically balance, the inventive 1MM Precision gives precise definition and allows the artists to elaborate exact and accurate pigment coloration on the eyebrows. There is never a one shade suits all scheme at Leanne’s. In order to create uniquely natural looking eyebrows, the Leanne’s exclusive Science of Colour Temper turns the diversity in hair and eye color into the right color customization to produce what we call ” True Color Reality”. Hence, natural definition resulting in the perfect brows for each individual client.

Leanne’s highly skillful artists have gone through extensive training and are certified. Based on each consultation session, they combine their expertise in eyebrow design with the needs of each client according to their habits and lifestyle in order to provide perfectly shaped and gorgeously full eyebrows that enhance facial features and boost confidence.

Choose your seduction.

    • Leanne’s Eyebrow

Perfecting eyebrows is an art. Leanne’s Eyebrow customizes the shape and color of the brows based on the customer’s skin complexion, hair and eye color.The Natural Definition (ND) technique and tailormade coloration deliver naturally and fabulously full eyebrows that always leave the customer more beautiful and confident.

  • Leanne’s Eyeliner

Say goodbye to eyeliners that always smudge. Leanne’s Eyeliner carefully and correctly draws vivid and precise line on the eyes to create depth and emphasize to attract attention.This convenient and semipermanent solution upholds on the eyelid for 6-12 months depending on the client”s skin type.

  • Leanne’s Lips

Healthy looking, luscious lips exude youthfulness.Leanne’s Lips Mouth stuffed full of their childhood.
Leanne’s lips shaped a sharp and bright, refreshed than ever and still look natural. For healthy, plump lips.

Define your seduction with finest beauty enhancement and bespoke services at Leanne’s.