• Is it safe?
  • What are Leanne’s services?
  • For whom is it suitable?
  • What will I look like after colouring?
  • Does the treatment hurt?
  • Is it expensive?
  • How long does it last?
  • How do I prepare myself before the treatment?
  • Can a pregnant woman have the treatment?
  • Can a person with thick eyebrows have this treatment?
  • Can I try it just once?

Is it safe?
Only two out of every 1,000 beauty salons using semi-permanent colour use devices of the same standard as ours. Leanne’s technique is safe. Above all, it’s the same technique that is applied in many hospitals for filling in skin colour for patients with skin problems. According to Department of Global Health regulations, this technique can be practised by specialists only. We’ve developed both our devices and personnel for more than 10 consecutive years, and there have been no reports of any allergic reactions in our clients.

What are Leanne’s services?
At Leanne’s, we create natural beauty: natural eyebrows (rearranging the brow to look more beautiful yet natural); inner-liner (filling the inner line of the eyes with natural colour, making them look bigger as well as more charming); and Babylips (improving the shade of the lips so that they look healthier, fuller and lightly pink as in your youth). Along with these services, you’ll receive advice that will help you find your characteristic nature. Since make-up styles change, and always rapidly, as fashion trends and lifestyles do, Leanne’s doesn’t recommend customers choose a too-trendy style. We will create a balance between your own style and current trends through a harmonious blend of colour tones for your hair, skin and eyes. The outcome is a natural look that will satisfy you and always reflect your unique beauty as time goes by.

For whom is it suitable?
Leanne’s is suitable for everybody — from young people of working age to athletes, people who care for beauty, professionals who lead busy lives and don’t even time to put on make-up, those with chronic conditions (such as shaky or sweaty hands) who cannot put on make-up by themselves, people with eyesight problems, those who are allergic to general cosmetics, those with scars or problems with facial balance. Leanne’s services make you feel like you have professional make-up artists taking care of you of all the time, making your life much easier. You’ll always look good, even in the rain, in the sun, or while swimming in a pool.

What will I look like after colouring?
The selected colour will look dark at first, depending on the shade of that colour. After one week, the colour will slowly dry, form scales and looses. There will be only a thin powder-like shade left on your skin. The process may be slower or faster depending on your original skin condition. Leanne’s will give you after-care cream to accelerate the process. After that, the customer should continue to be treated until the course is complete for perfection of the colour base.

Does the treatment hurt?
Leanne’s uses only modern, innovative devices. We choose the best products available in the world at the time. Even the needle that has to touch your skin is designed and cut by a laser beam. Consequently, the customer barely feels any pain, and will not bleed. Those who are really sensitive will feel only a scratch on the outermost layer of the skin. We choose only high-quality anesthetic with a mere 5% concentration to reduce sensitivity. As well, the customer can be certain that the products Leanne’s uses are hypoallergenic and will not cause any allergic reaction, so the customer can continue with his or her routine as normal after treatment.

Is it expensive?
When you look at the long-term outcome, the total cost of the high-quality cosmetics you use for the whole year is generally quite high, apart from hundreds of hours wasted on making up. In some cases, if you happened to have a substandard treatment, you may have to waste even more money for a laser course to right what was wrong. Therefore, this method is a worthwhile investment for a great look that reflects your personality.

How long does it last?
On average, after a course is complete, powder-style colour from Leanne’s will last on your skin for around 6-8 months, plus or minus depending on the skin condition, your skin-care routine and your activities. For example, the colour may come off sooner in people who have to work outdoors regularly, go to a sauna, or those who use skin colour-changing cream, or regularly use cosmetics. The latter’s skin is exposed to oil from cosmetics and cleansing, and that can make the colour comes off faster.

How do I prepare myself before the treatment?
If you have used other services that involve laser, filler, or whitening facial massage that gets rid of skin cells, you need to have your skin rest for at least one month after such treatments in order for the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) to regenerate completely, and for the ultimate outcome and effectiveness of the painting.

Can a pregnant woman have the treatment?
Yes, she can because it only involves lightly filling colour on the skin’s outer layer. It doesn’t cause a deep wound or any other serious impact.

Can a person with thick eyebrows have this treatment?
In addition to saving time spent on making up, filling colour on your eyebrows will give them a beautiful shape. Moreover, Leanne’s provides trimming service for newly grown eyebrow hair so that your eyebrows maintain their beautiful shape all the time, without additional charges.

Can I try it just once?
For colour filling, only one session is needed. But of course, the colour is not yet perfect. Only thin structures will be seen and will last no longer than three months before totally fading away. In any case, a trial for further consideration can be done.